Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Branding and Customer Development:

Creative Branding and Development of Brand Identity

Customer Identification Strategy


Creative Marketing Campaigns and Events

Brand Awareness and Loyalty Programming

Brand Amplification with Opinion Leaders and Early Adopters

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Stimulation of Trial and Purchase

Social Media Strategy

Sales and Operations:

Sales Strategy

Business Development and Partnerships


Key Hires


Business Planning:

Launch Strategy

Budgeting, Business Forecasting and Analytics

Costing and Price Analysis

Competitive Market Analysis and Sizing

Funding Advisory:

Financial Models and Projections

Investor Presentations

Investor Presentation and Due Diligence Coaching

Capital Table Creation


In addition to our direct experience in the areas above, as a client of AF Lab you can also access our extensive network of vetted experts  across legal, accounting, real estate, web and graphic design and public relations firms

Interested? Our engagements vary from short-term projects to long-term relationships depending on our clients' needs.  Please contact us to learn more.  In your email, please briefly describe your business and what you are looking for.  We offer a 60 min in person or phone conversation prior to engaging our services